Swimming Pool Demolition Contractors Insights for a New Backyard

Swimming pool demolition is a complex process that homeowners may consider for various reasons, ranging from the desire for a new backyard design to the burdens of maintenance and safety concerns. Swimming pool demolition contractors specializing in swimming pools provide essential services. 

After the demolition, there are many things that you can do to that space. It can be an extended outdoor lifestyle, a playground for your kids, or a garden where you can enjoy a mini nature in your backyard. 

These contractors have the necessary expertise to navigate the technicalities of safely breaking down and removing a pool structure. They assess each project individually, determining the best approach, whether it’s a partial or complete removal, all while ensuring compliance with local regulations and minimal impact on the surrounding property. If you have been searching for “swimming pool demolition contractors near me,” here’s everything you need to know about creating a new backyard.

What Can I Do With the Space Where My Pool Was?

Once you’ve removed an old swimming pool, you have various creative and functional options for repurposing the space. These are just a few ideas to get you started. Depending on your needs and interests, the possibilities for repurposing your old pool area are vast.

  1. Sunken patio: You can transform your old pool into a cozy sunken outdoor living area, complete with seating and maybe even a fire pit for gatherings.
  2. Deck: Build a deck where your pool used to be which can provide a spacious outdoor entertaining area. 
  3. Garden: You can create a beautiful garden for decorative plants or vegetables, taking advantage of the space for cultivating a green oasis.
  4. Pond: Converting your old pool into a pond can create a peaceful water feature in your yard, adding to your outdoor space’s biodiversity and aesthetic appeal.
  5. Play area: If you have children or pets, consider turning the space into a play area with equipment like swings, a sandbox, or a trampoline.
  6. Dog play area: For pet owners, creating a dedicated space for their furry friends to play can be practical and enjoyable.

What Is Swimming Pool Demolition?

Swimming pool demolition is a highly specialized task that requires professional contractors. It involves the complete or partial removal of a swimming pool, adherence to strict regulations, and stringent safety measures.

Types of Pool Demolition

There are primarily two methods contractors employ for swimming pool demolition:

  1. Partial removal: This method includes draining the pool, creating holes in the bottom for drainage, and demolishing the top layer (usually 18 to 36 inches). The resulting debris is placed at the bottom and filled with additional dirt and topsoil. Partial removal is often cheaper and faster.
  2. Full removal: Full removal entails extracting all pool components, including all concrete, rebar, and associated materials. This option leaves the land in a condition suitable for any new landscaping or construction.

Regulations and Permits

Demolition of a swimming pool requires compliance with local regulations and obtaining the necessary permits. Each locality has different requirements, but common factors influencing the permit process include:

  • Size and location of the pool
  • Impact on the surrounding environment
  • Waste disposal methods

Swimming pool demolition contractors are responsible for securing these permits and ensuring all work complies with local codes.

How To Choose the Right Contractor

Selecting a skilled contractor is essential for a successful swimming pool demolition. It ensures compliance with regulations and a safely reclaimed space for a new backyard.

Qualifications and Experience

When reviewing swimming pool demolition contractors, start by verifying their qualifications. They should possess all required licenses for operating in your locality. Relevant experience is critical—contractors with a proven track record in pool removal projects are preferable. Depending on your project, look for those specializing in inground or above-ground pool demolitions.

Evaluating Reputation and Reviews

Prospective clients should scrutinize the reputation of swimming pool demolition contractors. Online reviews and testimonials can provide insight into past clients’ satisfaction levels. Platforms like the Better Business Bureau offer ratings that indicate a company’s reliability and professionalism.

Costs and Quotations

Cost is a decisive factor when selecting a contractor. Ensure you receive detailed quotations that break down all expenses, from demolition to debris removal. Compare multiple bids to find a balance between quality services and financial practicality. Contractors should willingly provide a clear and comprehensive cost structure.

Post-Demolition Considerations

After demolishing a swimming pool, homeowners are presented with a blank canvas in their backyard. This stage requires thoughtful planning to optimize the newly available space and ensure that the selected improvements align with their lifestyle and preferences.

Backyard Remodeling Ideas

Once the swimming pool has been successfully removed, property owners often engage with swimming pool demolition contractors or landscape designers to transform the area. Here are some popular backyard remodeling concepts:

  • Outdoor living area: Consider installing a patio or deck with outdoor furniture to create a space for relaxation and entertainment.
  • Garden space: Cultivate a garden, which can range from simple flower beds to a fully operating vegetable garden, to add life and color to the space.

Landscaping after Demolition

The final appearance of a backyard following demolition heavily depends on professional landscaping. Aspects to consider include:

  • Soil quality: It is crucial to ensure the soil is adequately conditioned for its new purpose. Post-demolition, the soil may need to be supplemented with nutrients or fresh topsoil.
  • Plant selection: Choose plants that are suitable for the local climate and the specific conditions of the yard. Keep in mind the level of sunlight exposure and soil type. 

By working with experienced contractors and carefully planning post-demolition transformations, homeowners can significantly enhance the aesthetics and functionality of their backyards.


Swimming pool demolition is a serious undertaking that you should carefully consider. Homeowners may opt for pool removal for various reasons, such as high maintenance costs, reduced usage, and the desire for a backyard transformation.

The elimination of a swimming pool significantly cuts down on maintenance and ongoing expenses related to pool upkeep. In addition, post-demolition, the newfound space offers a blank canvas for alternative landscaping options or outdoor living spaces. Finally, a qualified contractor is essential for navigating the complexities of demolition and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

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